Tenant disappears owing rent

Tenant disappears owing rent:-
Momodou Mbenga formerly of Potters Hollow, Bulwell, Nottingham. Initially a good tenant, paid rent on time and looked after the flat. Then 5 months into a new 12 month contract he gave notice that he was leaving. I explained that we would release him from the contract if he paid me the costs to find a new tenant which was £60 to re-advertise and £125 to cover viewings costs, credit checks, references and a new contract for a replacement tenant – to which he agreed and to pay rent up to the point we find a new tenant. A fair arrangement considering he still had a commitment to pay another 7 months rent at £475/month.

I found and moved in a new tenant after about 6 weeks by which time Momodou had disappeared!
During which time he failed to pay any more rent as we had agreed even though he was still living in it for most that period. I sent several emails to him which included a statement of costs and after a while he responded saying he would pay the remaining £155 the following week (the remaining debt that his deposit did not cover). This never happened and I got no response from any further emails.

All I would say to any other prospective landlords is to be wary of this person – he seems very genuine but Momodou Mbenga will renege on his promises.

Fortunately I was able to ensure the landlord did not lose out on rent as it was me that persuaded the landlord to come to a fair deal with the tenant – it was my fees and advertising costs that I lost that he owes me.

Now starts the process of claiming the money through the courts – which will nearly double if not treble the debt Momodou Mbenga will have to pay. I think he thinks it a trivial sum of money that a landlord would not bother going to the trouble of claiming!

news: http://www.Lets2Let.Wordpress.com

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