Moving Out Information:-

NEW TENANT VIEWINGS – As per our tenancy agreement we appreciate your co-operation in allowing us the make arrangements with you for any new tenants to view the property prior to your leaving date. It is therefore very important that the house is made to look in as good rentable condition as possible .
WE DO NOT HOLD YOUR DEPOSIT – your deposit is secured in a government approved deposit scheme DPS and as such you cannot use any part of that as rent (please refer to your signed tenancy agreement). You will have received details and the “prescribed information” regarding the protection of your deposit at the beginning of the tenancy.
I will authorise the DPS to return your deposit in full subject to the accommodation being in a clean and tenantable state when you leave and there being no rent arrears. You can claim your deposit online at They will also arbitrate regarding any dispute relating to the deposit.
If you wish I will do a property inspection with you a few days prior to you leaving – please contact me to arrange a time.
As long as you comply with all the terms of your agreement your Security Deposit is fully refundable. That includes giving proper written notice (a minimum of thirty days is required from the next rent payment date) of your intention to vacate the property. You will be required to pay for all utilities that are used during your tenancy. You must thoroughly clean all rooms (vacuum, dust, wipe down surfaces, clean radiators) and all portions of the common areas (ie: bathroom, kitchen, living room).
PROPERTY CONDITION – the house must be left in the same condition that it was when you arrived – other than fair wear and tear – it should also be left in the same clean condition as it was at the start of the tenancy. This means that all walls and paintwork should be left clean as well as the cooker and kitchen cupboards etc. Also please do not leave personal belongings or rubbish in the premises or at the front, side or rear when you leave. There will be a charge for removal if you do. We want to have clean liveable accommodation to present to the new tenants on their move-in day.
ie. The property paintwork should be washed, carpets cleaned and vacuumed, clear of all rubbish and unwanted possessions, garden tidied and lawn cut, kitchen cupboards and drawers washed and cleaned and cooker cleaned inside and out.
PROPERTY INVENTORY – We accept normal wear and tear for the period of your occupation (this does not mean it can be left uncleaned) but please note that damage, breakages and/or cleaning will result in deductions from your deposit. For example, a full cooker clean costs us £30 and a room carpet clean costs £35, to paint a single wall face or ceiling will cost approx £25. A full professional house clean will cost approx. £150 and a days work to sort out a garden typically £100.
Please be reminded that the state of the accommodation on entry was recorded by: –
(1) Your signed inventory and schedule of condition and (2) Dated and signed photographic evidence.
WHAT IS “FAIR WEAR AND TEAR” – a simple example is that of a stair carpet. If the carpet was new or nearly new at the beginning of a tenancy and it was clean with no, damage, stains or marks on it – then at the end of the tenancy it should still be left clean with no, damage, stains or marks on it – but it may be a bit worn on the edges due to the usage it has had. If there were any marks on the carpet at the beginning of the tenancy this should have been noted on the inventory. NB you would have had a week / 10 days to report any omissions on the inventory to the Landlord at the beginning of the tenancy.
UTILITIES – Please do not forget to inform the local authority and all service providers that you are leaving with your meter readings so that they can calculate and apportion your final account payments to them (do not disconnect the utility supplies). Do not have any of the utilities disconnected as the cost of reconnecting must be deducted from the deposit.
REFERENCES – Please accept our best wishes and thanks for your co-operation. Should you require a reference for a future landlord or mortgage company please do not hesitate to contact me.
The following notes are intended to help you prepare for the checkout, so that the event runs smoothly, and to minimise the risk of misunderstandings, deductions from your deposit, last minute problems or surprises:
All kitchen surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a proprietary cleaner/disinfectant paying particular attention to any stains or marks.

  • The fridge and freezer needs to be defrosted and cleaned.
  • Fully clean oven and stove-top.
  • All hard surfaces should be washed down and cleaned, including the kitchen floor, which must not be ‘sticky’.
  • Remove all contents from cabinets and drawers (this includes food, rubbish, salt, sugar, etc.).
  • Sink has to be cleaned.
  • Counter tops should not have any scratches, chips and must be properly cleaned.
  • Replace all burnt or missing light bulbs.

All bedroom surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a proprietary cleaner/disinfectant paying particular attention to any stains or marks.

  • Remove all contents from bedroom including cabinets and drawers. There should be nothing left behind. If there is it may incur a clean or removal cost.
  • Replace all burnt or missing light bulbs.

All bathroom/WC surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with a proprietary bathroom cleaner/disinfectant paying particular attention to any stains or marks.

  • Clean toilet and make sure seat hinges are fixed.
  • Make sure the bath / shower is properly cleaned.
  • All surfaces should be washed down and cleaned, including the bathroom floor, which must not be ‘sticky’.
  • All cabinets and drawers must be cleared out and cleaned.
  • Hand basin has to be left fully cleaned.
  • Clean all mirrors. Ensure they are not left “streaky”.
  • Replace all burnt or missing light bulbs.

All hard surfaces should be washed down and cleaned, including all floors, which must not be ‘sticky’.

  • All the woodwork, skirting boards etc. should be washed down.
  • All soft furnishings especially carpets should be cleaned, paying special attention to any heavy stains and marks if applicable. This may mean having carpets professionally cleaned.
  • All light fixtures should have a good light bulb. It is much cheaper for you to replace burned out bulbs than it is for our handyman to replace the bulbs and charge you for his labour as well.
  • Smoke detectors – should have batteries and be in working order.
  • All sets of keys must be returned. Internal keys for cupboards, windows etc. should be left in their locks.
  • All rubbish or personal items must be removed from the property and please do not put rubbish or large items in hallways, as this is a fire hazard.


If you need to clarify any of the above call Steve on 07765 810111 (anytime between 8.00am to 10.00pm) or email